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About our Cattery

Abyssinian male Stringapurrs Arno of O'LEFF Welcome to Abyssinian Cattery O'Leff in Moscow, Russia.

We, Olga and Oleg Efremovy, are the owners of the Cattery. We invite you to get acquainted with our Abyssinian Cats.

Earlier we were breeding Persian Cats, Exotic shorthaired Cats and silver-black coloured Scottish fold Cats.

While attending one of the shows, we were astonished by the beauty and the gracefulness of the abys. So in 2001 we got our first Abyssinian Cat, a red male Ray Hamilton Sun's World. Later we bought three ruddy females for him in different catteries.
Now we work only with abys. And since 2008 year we have been breeding ruddy and red colors only.

Our cats are the rarest exclusive bloods from the U.S. and Australia. All our cats are registered with CFA and this is a guarantee of their pure Abyssinian lines. Our Abyssinian Cats have not any dilute.

If you are interested in abys, you like our Abyssinian Kittens and you are planning to buy some of them, please, contact us
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
tel: (495) 460-46-40
mob: +7-916-428-64-75
mob: +7-916-428-64-78


Our gratitudes

We collaborate with the Abyssinian Catteries from U.S. and Australia. Many thanks to our friends and partners, owners and breeders of Catteries Merindalee, Stringapurrs and Lazy O Abys.

Our gratitudes

Cattery news

абиссинские котята

Our new beautiful ruddy girl Akka from our friends' cattery Farai!


абиссинские котята

Two lovely ruddy boys are offered as pets only (not for breeding)

абиссинские котята

Our abyssinian kitten Jack Sparrow had moved to France.
Now Jack Sparrow lives at Lalima Cattery in Paris